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SK Fragrances is an E-commerce based company. We do not have a store or outlet. But you can visit our experience center in Karachi by filling in the appointment form on the homepage.

Yes, they are original products of our SK Fragrances. We sell impressions of designer fragrances. 

We sell high quality impressions of designer fragrances. Our perfume oils use the high quality ingredients to create a new inspired aroma that you will like.
SK Fragrances competes with designer brands. It does not use their fragrances and is not associated in any way with the designer brands or their manufacturers. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. We are in compliance with the Competition Commission of Pakistan’s Act and Policies.

Lasting varies for every perfume. The lasting duration of any fragrance depends on the application area, season, and quantity applied. Lasting of each perfume is written in the performance section of each perfume.

It is not possible to create perfumes without using alcohol, our spray has alcohol in it.

It depends and varies perfume to perfume. However, the average concentration is 30% which is the maximum possible.

Perfume should always be kept in a cold dark place as sunshine can cause some chemical reactions in it, making the perfume smell different, sillage and projection may also seem different too.

Alcohol is not dirty in itself and is acceptable to be utilised in medicines, perfumes, detergents and other useful usages. This has to do with the fact that alcohol itself is not dirty, the ban is on the consumption/drinking of alcohol. The liquor (khamr) is banned in Islam. Liquor consists of sugar, alcohol and water after the fermentation process. So any alcohol not passed through the fermentation process can be used. Keeping this fact in mind, usage of perfumes because of the alcohol content, irrespective of the concentration of alcohol in it, is not prohibited or banned and namaz will be accepted.