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Addiction is the fragrance of a highly successful man for whom everything is possible. Independent, he lives life on his terms, follows his instinct, and changes the rules of the game constantly. He boldly takes chances with complete confidence, disregarding his destiny to get what he wants.

Whatever he aims for, he gets. Whatever he dares to do, he wins. Enough to arouse the envy of men and the desire of women.

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Perfume Spray (50ml), Roll On Perfume (10ml), Scented Candles (8oz)

1 review for Addiction – Our impression of Wanted by Azzaro

  1. Anas Riaz

    Yes i got perfume. It was super cool.
    One of my friend also ordered the same perfume.
    Thankew so much I received my order on time..

    Always best expirence with Sk Fragrance ❤️

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