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Aquilaria: A Fragrance Journey by SK Fragrances


Aquilaria, crafted by SK Fragrances, is an exquisite amber fragrance that caters to both women and men. This olfactory masterpiece encompasses a blend of carefully curated ingredients that conjure an enchanting scent. In this exploration, we will immerse ourselves in the aromatic layers of Aquilaria, deciphering the essence of its top, middle, and base notes.

The Essence of Aquilaria

Top Notes: Agarwood (Oud) and Spicy Notes

The fragrance voyage begins with a burst of top notes that set the stage for the aromatic adventure.

  • Agarwood (Oud): The Heart of Aquilaria

Agarwood, often known as “liquid gold,” forms the crux of Aquilaria’s top notes, exuding a rich, resinous, and woody aroma. This note sets the foundation for the fragrance, leaving a lasting impression of opulence and depth.

  • Spicy Notes: An Invigorating Start

Complementing the Agarwood, spicy notes add a touch of invigoration, offering a dynamic and energetic kick to the initial olfactory experience.

Middle Notes: Big Strawberry, Spun Sugar, and Woody Notes

As Aquilaria unfolds, the heart notes take center stage, revealing a captivating and unique blend.

Big Strawberry: Sweet and Juicy

The inclusion of big strawberry adds a sweet, fruity nuance to the heart of Aquilaria, lending a playful and delightful character to the fragrance.

  • Spun Sugar: A Gourmand Delight

Spun sugar amplifies the sweetness, creating a gourmand facet that evokes a sense of joy and indulgence, enhancing the heart notes with its sugary essence.

  • Woody Notes: A Natural Harmony

Woody notes enrich the heart, creating a natural and earthy dimension that complements the sweetness and adds depth and substance to Aquilaria.

Base Notes: Agarwood (Oud) and Musk

Aquilaria leaves a lasting trail with its base notes, providing a foundation of depth and longevity.

  • Agarwood (Oud): A Continuation

The inclusion of Agarwood in the base notes reinforces the heart note, allowing the fragrance to maintain its woody and resinous allure, ensuring the fragrance lingers, leaving a memorable trace.

  • Musk: A Sensual Undertone

Musk adds a sensual and alluring quality to the base, enhancing the longevity and creating a soft, lingering trail that captivates the senses.


Aquilaria by SK Fragrances is a fragrance that unfolds like a beautiful melody, from the invigorating spicy top notes to the fruity and sweet heart, and finally, to the deep and captivating base notes. The star of this composition is undoubtedly the Agarwood (Oud), with its rich and opulent aroma that echoes throughout the fragrance’s journey. The strategic inclusion of spicy, fruity, and woody notes, alongside the gentle embrace of musk, transforms Aquilaria into an enchanting symphony for both men and women. Experience the magic of Aquilaria and let its lingering scent accompany you, leaving an indelible mark of luxury and allure wherever you go.



Product Type

Perfume Spray (50ml), Roll On Perfume (10ml), Scented Candles (8oz)


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