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The initial explosion of the fresh accord that fuses the fruity of the crunchy green apple.

With a touch of apple pie, sweet mandarin. The spiciness is more from the peel than vanilla in the background.

The dominant vanilla comes along with a ton of mint cardamom, which blends with the fruits. Plus, a burst of aromatic lavender pops up, more herbaceous than floral.

The opening, therefore, is unexpectedly fresh and captivating.


The florals lean towards the sexy masculine with fresh lavender. The creamy and sweet spiciness of vanilla and sandalwood on the bottom. The base is further amplified by the amber nuance, reinforced by pink pepper,


Together with A compliment grabber, sensual and welcoming and delightful Scent.

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Perfume Spray (50ml), Roll On Perfume (10ml), Scented Candles (8oz)


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