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Old School by SK Fragrances : A Journey Through Timeless Fragrance


Old School by SK Fragrances is a timeless aromatic fougere fragrance tailored for the modern man, encapsulating an era of classic sophistication. Its unique blend of top, middle, and base notes creates a symphony that echoes the essence of an elegant past while embracing the vibrant present.

The Fragrance Notes: A Dive into Nostalgia

Rediscovering Timeless Elegance: Top Notes

The fragrance journey commences with a vibrant ensemble of top notes, setting the stage for an evocative olfactory experience.

  • Lavender: The Classic Essence

Lavender, a timeless fragrance note, plays a crucial role in setting the aromatic foundation, lending a soothing, floral touch to the opening.

  • Citrus Harmony: Lemon and Bergamot

The combination of lemon and bergamot adds a citrusy zest, infusing a burst of freshness and vibrancy to the initial notes.

  • Aromatic Dance: Rosemary, Mint, Lemon Verbena, Basil, and Artemisia

These aromatic notes join in harmony, adding layers of complexity and depth to the top, offering an aromatic symphony that speaks of tradition and refinement.

The Heart of the Matter: Middle Notes

As Old School unfurls its aromatic story, the heart notes take center stage, revealing the heart of the fragrance.

  • Juniper: Aromatic Woodsiness

Juniper, a woody note, interlaces the heart with its aromatic depth, bringing an earthy and woody facet to the fragrance.

  • Spice of Life: Coriander and Cinnamon

Coriander and cinnamon introduce a spicy dimension to the heart notes, infusing warmth and sophistication.

  • Floral Accents: Carnation, Wormwood, Angelica, and Jasmine

A delicate blend of floral notes adds a touch of elegance to the heart, creating a refined balance within the fragrance.

A Timeless Base: Base Notes

The fragrance leaves a lasting impression with its rich and resonant base notes, providing a foundation that lingers, echoing memories of an elegant past.

  • Earthy Depths: Oakmoss and Fir

Oakmoss and fir bring a grounding earthiness to the base, providing a sturdy foundation that complements the other base notes.

  • Woody Essence: Pine Tree Needles, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, and Cedar

These woody notes contribute to the base, creating a warm and comforting essence that resonates with the traditional heart of the fragrance.

  • Aromatic Resins: Amber and Resins

Amber and resins enrich the base, infusing a warm, resinous note that lingers, leaving a lasting memory of the fragrance.


Old School by SK Fragrances embodies the timeless essence of nostalgia, a fragrance that whispers of tradition and refinement. From the classic lavender-infused top notes to the aromatic heart and the enduring base, each note tells a story of a bygone era. The careful selection and artful blending of these notes transport you to a place of sophistication and elegance. It is an invitation to relive the timeless allure of the past, embracing the memories and creating new ones. Experience Old School, and let its fragrance narrate a tale of the timeless elegance that transcends generations.


12 ML, 3 ML, 6 ML


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