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Unveiling the Mystique: Oud Lord by SK Fragrances


Dive into the alluring world of “Oud Lord” by SK Fragrances, a fragrance that epitomizes potency and sophistication. This olfactory masterpiece marries the evocative notes of incense and woody tones, draping them over a luxurious leathery base, infused with a hint of sweetness from ambergris. A unique blend of oud and olibanum characterizes this fragrance, making it a powerful choice for both men and women, particularly suitable for cooler weather.

The Elemental Notes: An Olfactory Symphony

  • Oud and Olibanum Accord : The Pervading Presence

At the heart of “Oud Lord” lies a signature accord that intertwines the precious oud and olibanum. This accord pervades the fragrance, dictating its powerful and captivating character. The deep, resinous richness of olibanum entwined with the intense and exotic allure of oud forms a harmonious marriage of scents.

  • The Woody Embrace: A Foundation of Strength

The fragrance is underpinned by a robust foundation of woody notes, imparting a sense of strength and longevity to the composition. Cedarwood and sandalwood take center stage, showcasing a timbered harmony that radiates a comforting and grounding essence.

  • Cedarwood and Sandalwood: Timbered Harmony

Cedarwood and sandalwood stand as the pillars of the fragrance, contributing to its strong and enduring character. The scent of cedarwood evokes a sense of ancient forests, while the creamy, smooth notes of sandalwood add a luxurious and calming quality.

  • Incense: A Fragrant Trail of Spirituality

Incense is a dominant and unifying note that weaves through the fragrance, leaving a trail reminiscent of sacred rituals and spiritual sanctuaries. It evokes a sense of spirituality and serenity, carrying an essence of deep reflection and reverence.

  • The Leathery Veil: An Essence of Sophistication

The fragrance is veiled in a leathery essence, adding a touch of sophistication and a unique facet to the overall profile. This leathery note exudes an aura of elegance and refinement, contributing to the fragrance’s allure.

  • A Sweet Caress: The Subtle Ambergris

Ambergris, subtly introduced, imparts a hint of sweetness to the fragrance, balancing the potent notes and adding a nuanced sweetness. It caresses the senses, offering a delicate touch of sweetness that complements the richness of oud and the warmth of wood.

A Fragrance for All Seasons

“Oud Lord” transcends seasons and is particularly well-suited for cooler weather. The balsamic profile and heavy sillage ensure its longevity and projection, making it a versatile choice for various occasions. Whether for an evening out or an intimate gathering, this fragrance leaves an unforgettable trace.


“Oud Lord” by SK Fragrances is a tribute to the elegance and potency of fragrance artistry. The harmonious blend of oud, olibanum, and woody notes creates a captivating aroma that leaves a lasting impression. The fragrance, adorned with a leathery veil and a hint of sweetness from ambergris, narrates a story of power and sophistication. Let “Oud Lord” grace your senses and accompany you on a journey through the elements, leaving an indelible mark of elegance and allure.


12 ML, 3 ML, 6 ML


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