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Oudish: The Oud Masterpiece


Enter the world of “Oudish,” a fragrance that weaves an exquisite tale designed to captivate both men and women alike.This olfactory marvel achieves a harmonious balance, exuding intensity, depth, and refined elegance. Experience a fragrance that lingers, projecting its essence with remarkable strengthβ€”a journey through “Oudish” is an exploration of an aromatic masterpiece, where each note plays its tune in harmony, resonating with the soul of oud.

The Harmonious Accords

  • Vanilla: Sweet Elegance

Vanilla lends a sweet and elegant touch to the fragrance, providing a delightful opening that captures attention and sets the stage for the intense notes to follow.

  • Rose: Floral Majesty

The fragrance is graced by the presence of two types of roses: Bulgarian rose and Turkish rose. These floral notes add a majestic and timeless elegance to the composition.

  • Oud: The Heart of Oudish

At the core of “Oudish” lies the essence of oud, a complex and intense note that forms the fragrance’s focal point, providing depth, richness, and an oriental allure.

  • Powdery Accents: Softness in the Air

The inclusion of powdery accords infuses a delicate softness into the fragrance, balancing the intensity of oud and adding a subtle airiness.

  • Violet: A Floral Whisper

Violet adds a gentle floral whisper to the fragrance, enhancing its overall bouquet and contributing to the harmonious blend of scents.

  • Amber: Warm and Inviting

Amber notes bring warmth and an inviting aura to the fragrance, enveloping the wearer in a comforting and luxurious embrace.

  • Warm Spices: A Hint of Spice

Warm spicy accords subtly spice up the composition, providing a hint of intrigue and depth to the fragrance.

  • Balsamic Hues: The Resinous Touch

Balsamic notes infuse a resinous touch, adding richness and complexity to the overall olfactory profile, further accentuating the warmth and depth of the scent.

Seasonal Recommendation: Winter and Fall

“Wear “Oudish” during the winter and fall months to fully experience its enchanting blend of intense, deep, and sophisticated notes. The richness of the fragrance complements the coolness of these seasons, leaving a lasting and memorable impression wherever you go.”


“Oudish” by SK Fragrances is a fragrance of unparalleled allure and sophistication. From the sweet elegance of vanilla to the intense heart of oud, and the soft floral whispers of rose and violet, each note plays a vital role in creating a composition that is both harmonious and captivating. The warm spices and balsamic hues add depth and richness, making it a fragrance that demands attention. “Oudish” is not just a scent; it’s an experience, a journey through the alluring world of oud. Embrace the richness, sophistication, and unique charm of “Oudish” – an essential addition to your fragrance collection.


12 ML, 3 ML, 6 ML


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