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A Fragrance Beyond Imagination: Unraveling the Essence of “Pablo Escobar” by SK Fragrances


“Escape to an olfactory realm with Pablo Escobar, an Aromatic Fougere fragrance designed exclusively for men by SK Fragrances. This extraordinary scent is a journey through aquatic freshness, aromatic herbs, and a mineral-infused base that mirrors the spirit of adventure and masculinity. Join us as we explore the evocative accords that make Pablo Escobar a fragrance that transcends time.”

Aromatic Prelude: Crashing Waves and Citrus Breezes

“Begin your sensory voyage with Pablo Escobar, where sea notes, aquazone, bergamot, and green mandarin come together in perfect harmony. This aromatic overture is a breath of fresh air that sets the stage for the aromatic journey ahead.”

  • Sea Notes: The Oceans Unleashed

“Sea notes create an immersive aquatic experience, akin to the sensation of standing on the shore with waves crashing at your feet. The invigorating, salty breeze of the sea notes is the very essence of marine freshness.”

  • Aquazone: An Underwater Fantasy

“Aquazone dives deep into the aquatic theme, offering a compelling underwater fantasy. This note captures the enigmatic depths of the ocean, providing a cool and soothing aura.”

  • Bergamot and Green Mandarin: Citrus Zest

“Intertwined with the aquatic elements, bergamot and green mandarin introduce vibrant citrus notes. They bring a refreshing and invigorating zest to the composition.”

Herbaceous Heart: Aromatic Journey Through Nature

“As Pablo Escobar unfolds, it reveals its heart notes, where rosemary, lavender, cypress, and mastic or lentisque infuse the fragrance with an aromatic embrace. This phase of the scent embodies the allure of nature and adventure.”

  • Rosemary: Herbal Enchantment

“Rosemary lends its herbal enchantment to the fragrance, introducing a stimulating and aromatic profile. Its invigorating quality harmonizes with the aquatic notes, creating a captivating blend.”

  • Lavender: The Essence of Relaxation

“Lavender, a timeless and classic note, infuses the fragrance with a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Its soothing and herbaceous qualities balance the aromatic composition.”

  • Cypress: The Essence of Greenery

“Cypress brings the essence of greenery to Pablo Escobar. Its woody and evergreen facets evoke a walk through a forest, where the earthiness of the woods mingles with the fresh air.”

  • Mastic or Lentisque: The Aromatic Twist

“Mastic or lentisque introduces an aromatic twist to the composition. Its unique and resinous qualities add depth to the heart notes, creating a sense of intrigue.”

The Mineral Base: A Grounded Finale

“Concluding this aromatic journey is the mineral-infused base notes, where mineral notes, musk, patchouli, and amber unite to create a grounded and enduring finale.”

  • Mineral Notes: Earthly Essence

“Mineral notes ground the fragrance with an earthly essence. This note brings a sense of stability and permanence to Pablo Escobar, akin to the bedrock of nature.”

  • Musk: The Sensual Embrace

“Musk adds a sensual embrace to the base, enveloping the wearer in an irresistible aura of allure and sophistication. Its animalic facets contribute to the fragrance’s depth.”

  • Patchouli: Earthy and Enigmatic

“Patchouli introduces an earthy and enigmatic quality to the composition. Its dark and mysterious nature adds complexity, leaving a trail of intrigue in its wake.”

  • Amber: The Warm Embrace

“Amber bestows a warm and comforting embrace to the fragrance. Its resinous and balsamic facets create a sense of coziness, making the scent linger in a memorable way.”

A Fragrance Beyond Imagination

“Pablo Escobar is more than a fragrance; it’s an aromatic voyage that defies expectations. It captures the allure of the sea, the freshness of herbs, and the grounding essence of minerals. With every spritz, it’s an escape from the ordinary.”

An Adventure Through Aquatic Beauty

“Pablo Escobar invites you to embark on an adventure through the beauty of aquatic notes. It’s an exploration of marine freshness that transports you to the seaside, where the ocean’s vastness meets the coastal breeze.”

Aromatic Elegance Meets the Wild

“With its aromatic elegance, Pablo Escobar adds a touch of the wild to your routine. The herbal heart notes infuse the fragrance with a sense of nature’s untamed beauty.”

A Grounded Journey Through Mineral Majesty

“The mineral base notes provide a grounded journey through mineral majesty. It’s an olfactory exploration of the Earth’s depths, bringing a sense of steadfastness to the composition.”

Escape to an Unforgettable Destination

“Pablo Escobar is your ticket to an unforgettable destination. It’s a fragrance that takes you on a journey, evoking images of the sea, lush forests, and the earth’s core. Let its enchanting aroma be your guide.”

A Fragrance That Speaks of Adventure

“Crafted to celebrate the adventurous spirit of men, Pablo Escobar is a fragrance that speaks of wanderlust and exploration. It’s an aromatic expression of the excitement that comes with discovery.”

Discover Your Bold Statement

“Pablo Escobar allows you to make a bold statement with its aromatic notes. It’s a scent that mirrors your adventurous nature and leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.”

The Journey Begins

“Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this aromatic journey with Pablo Escobar. Wear it today and let its captivating fragrance be your companion through every adventure.”


“Pablo Escobar by SK Fragrances is a testament to the artistry of scent creation. Its carefully selected notes and their harmonious interplay bring forth a fragrance that echoes the call of the wild and the allure of the sea. With each application, you embrace an olfactory expedition that captivates your senses, leaving an indelible mark on your aromatic journey.”


12 ML, 3 ML, 6 ML


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