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Fragrance Odyssey: Unveiling the Parisian Olfactory Symphony


Discover an olfactory masterpiece by SK Fragrances, a timeless floral aldehyde fragrance designed for women. This fragrance, an epitome of elegance, presents a bouquet of notes that transport you to the charming streets of Paris. Let us embark on a fragrant journey and delve into the essence of this alluring scent.

The Fragrance Notes: An Olfactory Tale

A Floral Prelude: Unveiling the Top Notes

The fragrance unfolds with a lively combination of top notes, creating an invigorating prelude to the symphony that follows.

  • Aldehydes: The Sparkling Prelude

Aldehydes provide the lively, sparkling start to the fragrance, adding a touch of effervescence and brightness to the top notes.

  • A Floral Symphony: Ylang-Ylang and Neroli

Ylang-ylang and neroli blend together, infusing the top notes with a floral essence that hints at the beauty that lies ahead.

  • Citrus Kiss: Bergamot and Lemon

Bergamot and lemon add a zesty, citrusy freshness to the top notes, providing an uplifting and lively introduction.

The Heart of Paris: Middle Notes

The heart of the fragrance reveals a captivating blend of floral and iris notes, forming the essence of the Parisian experience.

  • Precious Floral Elegance: Iris and Jasmine

Iris and jasmine come to life in the heart, lending an elegant and refined floral touch that epitomizes the essence of Paris.

  • A Whiff of Romance: Rose and Orris Root

Rose and orris root infuse a romantic essence into the heart notes, evoking the spirit of love and passion.

  • Delicate Blossoms: Lily-of-the-Valley

Lily-of-the-valley adds a delicate, sweet floral note, further enhancing the heart of the fragrance with its fresh and uplifting character.

A Lasting Parisian Memory: Base Notes

The fragrance leaves a lasting impression with its rich and enduring base notes, bringing the essence of Paris to a close.

  • Animalic Warmth: Civet and Musk

Civet and musk add a touch of animalic warmth to the base, providing depth and character to the fragrance’s foundation.

  • Woody Comfort: Sandalwood and Vetiver

Sandalwood and vetiver infuse a woody and earthy element, offering a comforting base that lingers on the skin.

  • Sensual Depth: Amber and Patchouli

Amber and patchouli bring a sensual depth to the base notes, adding a warm and alluring quality that lingers, leaving a memorable trace.

  • Earthy Resonance: Moss and Vetiver

Moss and vetiver offer an earthy and green dimension to the base, echoing the essence of nature and grounding the fragrance.

  • Sweet Elegance: Vanilla

Vanilla introduces a sweet and comforting note to the base, enhancing the fragrance’s overall appeal and leaving a gentle, lasting impression.


The fragrance, beautifully named by SK Fragrances, mirrors the enchantment of Paris in every essence. From the lively top notes that sparkle like the city lights to the romantic heart notes that echo the charm of the French capital, and finally, the enduring base notes that resonate with the soul of Paris, this fragrance is a celebration of timeless elegance. Each carefully selected note plays a crucial role in this olfactory tale, leaving a lingering imprint of sophistication and allure. Embark on a sensory journey through this Parisian symphony, and let its fragrance transport you to the heart of a city that has inspired generations.


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Perfume Spray (50ml), Roll On Perfume (10ml), Scented Candles (8oz)


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